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  • Whole School 94.1%
  • this week's winners Donaldson 98.9%

What have we been learning last term?

Spring 1 2020

What a busy 6 weeks!

Here is just some of the things we have been learning about this term, many activites have been linked to the text for the term

Owl Babies 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Playing circle games in hall sessions

Taking turns, and being brave enough to have a go

Working with a partner to find birds in forest school

Taking part in an outside visit from Huxleys Birds Of Prey - touching a real owl!  

Being in the audience in school for the reception Chinese Dragon Dance

Making up stories with our friends playing with the new Happyland toys

Persevering - either when building tracks to roll balls down, pedalling the trikes, zipping up our own coats, eating with chopsticks or joining in something new 

Sharing games about our emotions

Showing our parents our nursery at the Open Evening

(Some of us have attended a school disco and Family Friday Events in school)

Communication and Language

Listenning to stories and joining in with 'I want my Mummy.....'

Learning lots of new Makaton signs and practising them daily

Sharing songtime with our parents and carers

Listening to stories with no pictures

Playing games in the hall where we have to follow instructionswith 2 or 3 actions

Saying 'My name is....' in front of the whole class

Learnng some new songs 

Talking about our shared experiences in a group

Physical Development

Putting on our own wellies to splash in the puddles and explore in the 'forest area'

Practising washing our hands throroughly and we used glow gel to check how effective we were

Practising using a tissue effectively and disposing of it correctly

We tried some new foods and new tools to eat them at Chinese New Year


Remembering the story, and the things the characters said

Colouring in pictures of owls

Finding out about owls and other birds in information books

Learning new phonics songs to help us hear sounds in words

Using feathers to write with


Matching owls with different shapes on their tummys

Understanding the World

Finding out about Chinese New Year, and learning to dance in a dragon we made to Chinese Music

Exploring the 'forest area' looking and listening for birds 

Using binoculars to see birds more clearly

Making bird feeders

Splashing in LOTS of puddles

Expressive Art and Design

Making owls together to go onto our wall display

Designing and creating clothes for our Barbies - and Zoo animals - to wear

Making owls to go home using mixed media