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What have we been learning last term?

Autumn 2  2019

Wow what a busy 7 weeks!

Here is just some of the things we have been learning about this term, many activites have been linked to the text for the term

The Gingerbread Man 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Acting out the story together

Playing circle games in hall sessions

Taking turns

Working with a partner to find gingerbread men around the nursery

Taking part in our Christmas Performance to families

Keeping safe by practising a fire evacuation and a lockdown

Being in the audience in school for the reception nativity performance 

Communication and Language

Listenning to stories and joining in with 'Run, run as fast as you can........'

Learning lots of new songs for our performance to our families

Telling the story to our friends

Physical Development

Moving like characters from our story - including running as fast as we can!

Balancing on beams as we cross the river without being eaten by the fox - including jumping to safety at the end

Walking a very long way around the park for our sponsored walk (thank you) 

Practising putting on our own coats and wellies


Remembering the story, and the order things happen in

Making up our own ending to the story

Drawing and decorating our own Gingerbread Man

Drawing around a friend to make a giant Gingerbread Man


Counting buttons on gingerbread men and matching them to the correct numbered baking tray

Playing pairs with numbered gingerbread men

Hunting for numbered gingerbread men in the nursery, and ticking them off a list

Using shapes to create eatures on our giant gingerbread men

Weighing and measuring ingredients for baking gingerbread men

Understanding the World

Raising money for Children in Need, Chestnut Tree House and Save the Children (thank you)

Exploring the 'forest area' now the trees are bare

Helping to sweep up LOTS of leaves

Splashing in LOTS of puddles

Expressive Art and Design

Baking our own Gingerbread Man to take home

Designing and creating cards for our grown ups to buy (thank you)

Sewing to make calendars for gifts for our families 


Happy New Year to all. We look forward to seeing all the children on Tuesday 7th January.