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Welcome to Little Owls Nursery

Autumn Term 1

What have we been doing recently?


The end of the Summer term is always one of mixed feelings.  We are sad to say goodbye to our children and their families who are moving on to school, but proud of all that those children have achieved and excited for their next challenge.  Our end of term picnic was very well attended, and just a little too hot - we wish all our families a wonderful Summer Break.  


What are we finding out about this half-term?


Our new term is initially about settling in - both for our new children and those returning after a long break, perhaps to new sessions and new friends. We will be spending time getting to know each other, the setting and the routines. We will explore the nursery and other areas of the school and 'forest area'.    


How are we learning through play?


We will have access to a wide variety of resources so that we can find out what we like to play with. 

We will play lots of communication games, to help us to get to know our friends and to learn about the things that make us unique.

There will be lots of time to practice our independence skills, such as getting on our own coats, choosing some fruit at snack time, washing our hands and choosing a book to take home to share. 

We will listen to lots of stories, join in with our favourite bits and remember what happens at the end.

There will be lots of singing, and some actions to learn.

Working together, we will come up with some nursery rules.  There will be discussions about what a rule is, that different places have different rules and why we have the rules that help to keep us safe.  


What can you do at home?

Some activities for both new and returning families to try over the summer

Practical tips

  • prepare a labelled drawstring bag with labelled spare clothes at least one of everything - including socks and make sure your child can recognise the bag and contents
  • label wellies and help your child to recognise them and to get them on and off. (Bonus points if they can slot them together end to end!) At nursery we use wellies in all weathers, to allow children to access water play in the summer as well as splash in puddles when it rains.  We also use them in the forest area so that the children don't tread back in the mud onto the carpet where they sit and play. 
  • show your child where the hood is on a coat or hoodie, and practice hanging it up.  To support children being able to put on a coat independently, we suggest children put the hood on their head so the sleeves are correctly located for them to put their arms in independently
  • practice using the toilet independently including wiping, flushing, and washing and drying hands
  • If your child will be staying for lunch, have some picnic lunches using the lunch box they will bring, packed in the way you expect to send it.  Help your child to unwrap their food, and encourage them to eat savoury choices first. 

Nursery staff will always support children to master these skills by encouraging and helping them.


Talk about nursery (but not all the time!).  If you are in the area, mention it when you walk past the entrance.

Practice the 'nursery run' so you can see how long it will take, what time you will need to leave the house and familiarise your child with the routine.

Borrow books from the library about starting nursery.

Read favourite stories with your child and see if they can remember the details at the end - can they tell someone else what happens

Share songs and rhymes, popular music as well as traditional rhymes, sing, dance and clap along

Have conversations, talk, listen, respond - the subject choice is yours!  


My first Day........


You are welcome to bring your child into the classroom, settle them at an activity and stay as long as your child needs, or they can walk in through the bookroom independently.  When you leave, make sure your child knows you are going, no sneaking out without saying goodbye, reinforce that you are going for a little while to do something 'very boring', and YOU WILL BE BACK. We sing the 'tick tock' song at the end of each session and children learn that their grown up will be back after the 'tick tock' song. Children generally settle very quickly once engaged, and staff will call you to reassure you that your child has settled, or to discuss a plan for a child who is struggling. Children are welcome to bring a comfort toy from home, and are encouraged to put it in the 'Owl Box' when they don't need it, but have access to it whenever they do.        



Tick tock tick tock

time to go, time to go

tick tock, tick tock

time to go home.


Time to go home, time to go home,

so nice to see you  

now time to go home.

Time to go home, time to go home

We're all waving goodbye, goodbye

Reception children starting September 2020 - Open Days - Thursday 10th October 9.30am and 11.00am. Thursday 7th November 9.30am and 11.00am. Open Evening Wednesday 9th October 6pm. Please ring the office 01903 268174 to book your place. Thank you