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Welcome to Little Owls Nursery

Autumn Term 2

What have we been doing recently?


Children have settled well into nursery and have particularly enjoyed our Goldilocks and the Three Bears Topic.  Children have tasted porridge, played Goldilocks inspired games in the hall during our 'P.E.' sessions, acted out the story with small world figures and their friends, and learned to sing and Makaton sign the song 'When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears.  They have learned about the language of size, ordering and counting too.  In our last week of term we shared activities with our grown-ups at Come and Play, had a walk in the park and a regular visit from the book bus.  On the drier days we have played in our front garden on our climbing equipment - the slide is very popular, and have had a couple of visits to our 'Forest Area'.  


What are we finding out about this half-term?


Children have decided they would like to look at the story of the Gingerbread Man this term, so we will be theming activities around this popular story. 

We will also be finding out about celebrations such as Diwali, creating some firework inspired art and later helping to decorate the nursery for Christmas.

We also plan to support our community through fundraising events.     


How are we learning through play?


We continue to have access to a wide variety of resources so that we can choose what we like to play with. 

We will practice turn taking, and sharing and find out how we impact on the feelings of others.

Now we can do many more things for ourselves, we will have lots of practice at putting on our coats and wellies independently - and remembering to put them away again in the right place when we take them off. 

We will be learning new songs to share with out grown-ups at the end of term - maybe a few dance moves too.

Games in the hall will involve us listening and following instructions.

Time spent in our 'Forest Area' will enable us to observe the changing seasons

We will listen to lots of stories, join in with our favourite bits (run run as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man) and think of alternative endings - and discuss how we feel about the characters.

We will be creating art using our own ideas and choosing our own resources.  


What can you do at home?

Encourage your child's independence

  • Support them to put on their own coat by putting their hood on their head which helps them with locating the sleeves. Start the zip, and encourage them to finish zipping to the top. Practice pulling their sleeves back through as they often get stuck inside out when the coat is removed.
  • Send your child with shoes that they can manage themselves, ideally velcro - so they are able to get their wellies on and change back afterwards - we are outside in all but the most extreme of weathers and children need wellies to access the wet garden and the 'Forest Area' to avoid treading mud into the classroom where they sit and play.
  • Help your child to use the toilet independently - including wiping, flushing and thorough hand washing - at this time of year this can really help prevent the spread of colds and coughs. Encourage them to use a sleeve for sneezes and to wipe their noses - tissues are available at Nursery.  

Nursery staff will always support children to master these skills by encouraging and helping them.

Get outside - splash in the puddles, catch the falling leaves, watch your breath on a cold morning.  Talk about what you can see, hear and smell.  Run, jump, scoot to get warmer - and talk about how exercise affects your body.

Cuddle up and listen to a story CD or the radio - help your child focus without a picture to look at   

Get some music on and dance, can you make yourself really big and really small - wide and tall - short and long.

Make or decorate some gingerbread - then eat it!

Go out in the evening - see if you can spot an urban fox 

Read favourite stories with your child and see if they can remember the details at the end - can they tell someone else what happens

Share songs and rhymes, popular music as well as traditional rhymes, sing, dance and clap along

Have conversations, talk, listen, respond - the subject choice is yours!  



My first Day........


You are welcome to bring your child into the classroom, settle them at an activity and stay as long as your child needs, or they can walk in through the bookroom independently.  When you leave, make sure your child knows you are going, no sneaking out without saying goodbye, reinforce that you are going for a little while to do something 'very boring', and YOU WILL BE BACK. We sing the 'tick tock' song at the end of each session and children learn that their grown up will be back after the 'tick tock' song. Children generally settle very quickly once engaged, and staff will call you to reassure you that your child has settled, or to discuss a plan for a child who is struggling. Children are welcome to bring a comfort toy from home, and are encouraged to put it in the 'Owl Box' when they don't need it, but have access to it whenever they do.        



Tick tock tick tock

time to go, time to go

tick tock, tick tock

time to go home.


Time to go home, time to go home,

so nice to see you  

now time to go home.

Time to go home, time to go home

We're all waving goodbye, goodbye