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  • Whole School 95.4%
  • this week's winners Gravett 99.3%


Sex Education is taught at Hawthorns to suit the age and stage of the children. It is taught predominantly through the National Curriculum. However, it is also approached through Personal Social Health Education (PSHE) and where appropriate Religious Education.


Sex Education is taught within a moral framework.

  • We should show respect, consideration and caring attitudes towards one another.
  • We should also demonstrate honesty and show responsibility towards others and in our behaviour.


It is also taught within the framework of family life.

  • Within a caring community where individual needs are considered, questions relating to bodily function and reproduction arise easily and will be answered honestly, bearing in mind the maturity of the child.
  • Where parental involvement is important and communication between parents and school staff is encouraged in these matters. The Headteacher and the staff will be happy to discuss issues with parents and offer support and advice where appropriate.