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Special Needs and Inclusion Policy

At Hawthorns we monitor every child's progress to ensure that they achieve their full potential.  Some children at times have difficulties and it is important that we identify them and support them.


The school can also receive advice and support from a wide variety of outside professionals and experts.  Our staff undertake regular training to better support children's varying needs.


There is funding within the school budget to meet the needs of our children including those with special needs.  If you have any worries or concerns our SENCO/Inclusion Manager is available to talk to you on a regular basis.


The school works very closely with Children's Services to ensure that we provide all of our children with the best possible provision.


Similarly if there are children who are more able we have an able pupil register and we monitor their progress to ensure that they are working to a higher level.  A summary of our provision can be found on our website and is referred to as the 'Local Offer'. 

Our SEND Information Report and Accessibility Plan can be found here in our statutory policies section:
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