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Family Fridays - What Comes Next?

About a year ago, we applied for a grant to hold a science festival Family Friday, themed around 'The History of Communications', as part of the Institute of Engineering Technology's 150th birthday celebrations. Obviously, lockdowns and social distancing intervened... but when we explained to the IET how we had converted our Hogwarts activities into Family Fridays at Home, they not only offered us the same level of grant towards doing a similar thing with the history of communications activities; they also liked the idea and the draft materials so much that their education department have picked them up and turned them into a wonderful set of resources available to locked-down families all over the country. If you would like a sneak preview of the activities that will be coming home after Easter, the link to the IET website is here.

Look out for the credit to our school on the web page and on the bottom of each activity sheet!