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Home Debate Club

Home Debate Club: Quick video guide for parents

Home Debate Club helps families to take part in a fun online debate to boost well-being.
It is facilitated by Smart School Councils, an award-winning charity helping every child to lead change in their world through democracy.
Their aim is to support the incredible efforts of teachers, parents and carers by offering a simple, accessible debate tool for all.

At Hawthorns. children use Smart School Councils in class to have their voices and opinions heard. The children have a weekly debate about a question important to them, their school or the wider community. It enables children to make a difference and be part of the development of Hawthorns.

We believe,extending these debating skills through Home Debate Club is a fantastic opportunity, allowing families to use valuable speaking and listening skills and connecting about topics that matter to the world they are growing up in.

We can not wait to hear what the children have been debating about at home!