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  • Whole School 94.8%
  • this week's winners Browne 96.3%


Our approach

Here at Hawthorns we actively encourage independence and taking a shared responsibility.  We ensure that every child is recognised as an individual, whose strengths and interests are identified and nurtured to ensure the best possible education throughout their time with us.


Our Curriculum aims

Our curriculum is designated specifically for our children.  It is rich varied and exciting.  We will inspire our children to be the very best they can be and to love learning.  We will enable them to build on what they can do by offering a supportive and positive learning environment.


We will recognise that everyone learns in a different way.  We will provide the nurture, support, challenge and encouragement to enable them to succeed whatever their learning style or ability.


We will create a safe and stimulating environment where our children can develop as confident, reflective and thoughtful learners.  Our children will be happy, care for and support one another and make excellent progress.


We will value the contribution of every child and will nurture and celebrate the success of everyone in our community.

Teaching and learning

Our curriculum is broad and exciting, incorporating a variety of teaching methods in order to appeal to all learning styles and preferences.  Our children are often taught through themes and topics as we believe that this best matches the way that children learn.


We also provide opportunities for children to make decisions about their own learning.


Our curriculum uses the wonderful local resources and environment offered by our community wherever possible.  We frequently have educational visits and invite visitors into school to enrich learning.


We visit local parks, libraries and museums, engage in local projects and utilise the skills and expertise of parents, wider family members and local organisations.

Early Years (Reception)

Our Early Years provision creates a nurturing environment, where trained and skilled staff carefully consider the needs of the new Reception children.  Resources and equipment are selected to provide the best possible learning environment for the children during this important first year at school.  We follow the national curriculum for EYFS.


Key Stage 1 

Another important stage in a child's development takes place during Years 1 and 2.  Here at Hawthorns we take care to ensure the nurturing environment of Nursery and Reception continues on, whilst also acknowledging and encouraging the growing independence of the children.  During Key Stage 1 we maintain a strong focus on reading, writing and maths, using techniques that will inspire and enhance the children's individual learning journeys.  We follow the national curriculum for KS1.


Key Stage 2

Between Years 3 and 6 we have an exciting curriculum in which children are encouraged to take more responsibility for their own learning and are given additional opportunities to develop in areas that really interest them.  Additional sporting opportunities are also offered and each child will participate in 2 residential trips between Years 4 and 6.


A key element of the latter part of Key Stage 2 is preparing the children for their next steps, a responsibility that we take great care in.  We want our children to feel ready and confident to leave Hawthorns at the end of Year 6 and go on to flourish in their next challenge, Secondary School.  We follow the national curriculum for KS2.

The Arts


The arts is an important feature at Hawthorns.  We have found using the arts often helps to identify a child's strengths and interests, which we can then build on.


Our 'Artsmark' is a very notable achievement and one that we are extremely proud of.

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