Hawthorns Primary School

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  • Whole School 94.4%
  • this week's winners Rhino 99%

Who's Who

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Teaching Staff - Roles and Responsibilities


Mrs W Lawson                                 Headteacher

Assessment Leader

Gifted and Talented Pupils

Safeguarding Manager


Senior Leadership Team              Mrs N Mitchell

                                                        Mrs N Dowdeswell

                                                        Mrs J Holliday



Mrs J Holliday                                 Special Needs & Inclusion Co-ordinator


Science Leader


Grounds Development and Environment

Eco Team Manager

Forest Schools

Pupil Premium (shared)



Mrs N Dowdeswell                          Year R Teacher

Little Owls Nursery Executive Manager

Foundation Stage Leader

Design and Technology Leader


Mrs P Hannon                                  Year R Teacher

History Leader

Geography Leader


Miss K Carpenter                                  Year 1 Teacher

Art/Design Leader

Arts Mark Co-ordinator


Mrs S Lawrenson                            Year 2 Teacher

P.S.H.E/Citizenship Leader

APP Leader

Healthy Schools Co-ordinator 


Miss Lisa Dean                                Year 2 Teacher

                                                          P.E Specialist and Leader

Healthy Schools Co-ordinator




Mrs V Heward                                  Year 3 Teacher

Mathematics Leader (shared)

Religious Education Leader




Mrs L Liston                                    Y3/Spanish Teacher

Modern Foreign Languages Leader

Literacy Leader (shared)


Miss R Andrews                              Year 5 Teacher

Literacy Leader (shared)

IT Leader (shared)


Miss N Mitchell                                Year 4 Teacher

                                                          KS2 Leader

Literacy Leader (shared)

Assessment and Data Analysis

Pupil Premium (shared)


Mr P Bateman                                  Year 6 Teacher

Mathematics Leader (shared)

IT Leader (shared)

Teaching Assistants and Support Staff


Mrs Clements Mrs Charalambous
Mrs McCaffrey Mrs Presley
Mrs Greener Mrs Webb
Miss Winterford Mrs White
Mrs Moore Mrs Savage


Mrs Broughton - Pastoral Care Manager


Nursery Staff

Mrs Grantham Mrs Walker
Miss Goodall Miss Farrier
Mrs Nicholls Miss Prince



Office Staff

Mrs Levick - Bursar/Business and Data Manager

Mrs Godfrey - Receptionist

Mrs Smith - Receptionist


Premises Staff

Mr Greener - Premises Officer



Open day for Reception 2019 - Tuesday 27th November at 11am. Please call to book an appointment