Hawthorns Primary School

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Our Awards


  • Whole School 94.1%
  • this week's winners Orangutang 94.8%

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Teaching Staff 


Mrs W Lawson                               Headteacher

Mrs D Hawkins                               Assistant Headteacher

Miss F Johnson                             Interim Assistant Headteacher 



Senior Leadership Team              Mrs N Mitchell

                                                          Mrs N Dowdeswell

                                                          Mrs J Holliday



Mrs J Holliday                               Special Needs & Inclusion Co-ordinator

                                                          Designated Safeguarding Lead



Mrs N Dowdeswell                          Year R Teacher

Little Owls Nursery Executive Manager

Foundation Stage Leader


Mrs P Hannon                                  Year R Teacher



Miss K Carpenter                            Year 1 Teacher



Miss S Tang                                     Year 2 Teacher



Mrs D Hawkins                                Year 3 Teacher



Miss N Mitchell                                Year 4 Teacher

                                                             Pupil Premium 


Miss R Andrews                              Year 4/5 Teacher



Mr P Bateman                                  Year 6 Teacher


Teaching Assistants and Support Staff


Mrs Clements Mrs Charalambous
Mrs McCaffrey Mrs Presley
Mrs Greener Mrs Webb
Miss Winterford Mrs White
Mrs Moore Mrs Savage


Mrs Broughton - Pastoral Care Manager


Nursery Staff

Mrs Grantham Mrs Walker
Miss Goodall Miss Farrier
Mrs Nicholls Miss Prince



Office Staff

Mrs Levick - Bursar/Business and Data Manager

Mrs Godfrey - Receptionist

Mrs Smith - Receptionist


Premises Staff

Mr Greener - Premises Officer



Last day of Summer Term is Tuesday 23rd July 2019. Back to school Tuesday 3rd September 2019