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Welcome to Little Owls Nursery


What are we finding out about this half-term?


Children have been curious (and some don't really believe!) that the adults in nursery used to be babies, so we will be creating a new display around that topic.

(Please send in a named baby photo of your child in the first week of term to enable them to take part)


Completing our collaborative art project based on 'what we do in the park in the Winter' following our visit last term.


Having a go at making, tossing and eating pancakes.    


Celebrating our favourite books - World Book Day Thursday March 7th - a chance to dress up and bring a copy of your favourite story to share with your friends. 


Comic Relief's Red Nose Day Friday March 15th    


Finding out about shapes, what they are called, how we use them to build and create pictures and how to spot them in our environment.

Using positional language, finding out how to line up behind someone, to put our wellies under our pegs 

Making comparisons about size - does oldest mean tallest?

Measuring time, finding out how long a minute actually is, when was yesterday, what is today called? Children last term enjoyed playing Operation against the clock, and trying to not make any noise for 1 minute using the sand timer!   

Money - playing shops and cafes. Last term the purses and 'pennies' were popular   


How are we learning through play?


We have activities planned to enable children to work together, on the art project, mixing pancakes, raising money, building and constructing, and with partners searching for numbers and shapes in the nursery and the 'forest'.

We will be looking at similarities and differences when we look at how we have changed since we were babies.  Can children guess which photo belongs to which child, or nursery adult?

There will be plenty of opportunities to build - with lego, with boxes, with blocks, with tubes and crates.

Playing in the water, finding out which container holds the most liquid.

Using scales and seesaws to make predictions as to what or who will be the heaviest and finding out if we were correct.

Using stop watches, sand timers and clocks to measure time.

Playing with tills and money - selling items to our friends.       



What can you do at home?


Some ideas for activities to try with your child 

  • Look for shapes on your walk to nursery - you will be surprised how many you discover
  • When shopping, talk to your child about paying for your shopping, let them pay the assistant and talk about change and the different denominations you are using
  • Share photographs of yourself and your family when you were younger - who is in the photo, what looks the same now and what has changed about that person?
  • Cook and bake together, measure and weigh ingredients
  • Hide pictures of various shapes around the home and ask your child to find them and tell you what shapes they have found - this is very popular at nursery
  • Complete jigsaws together
  • Have assorted containers in the bath and talk about capacity whilst pouring from one to another
  • Talk about time - what is today called, what we did yesterday and what we are doing tomorrow.  What did we eat for breakfast this morning, what did we see at the park this afternoon?      
  • Ask your child to choose their favourite story and character.  Make a costume together. 

Come and Play


This will take place on Monday March 4th at 2.30pm, where you are invited to come along and listen to a story, then take part in activities with your child. Younger siblings are very welcome.