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Welcome to Little Owls Nursery


What are we finding out about this half-term?


It is all about numbers!

Counting, recognising numerals, representing numbers, adding 1 more, taking 1 away


We will also be looking at the Chinese New Year, and winter (fingers crossed for snow!)


Children have also been curious (and some dont really believe!) about the fact the adults in nursery used to be babies, so we will be creating a new display around that topic too.


How are we learning through play?2


We have lots of exciting activities planned to support our number topic. Children will be taking part in 'number hunts' in the nursery and our forest area. They will be looking for numerals in their environment, in the sand, in the garden, in the tuff spot. They will be singing about numbers and trying to use their fingers to represent numbers too. They will be writing numbers, colouring by number and completing dot to dots. There are number puzzles, number recognition and dice games, and using number in a practical way, such as checking we have enough cups for everyone at snack time. We are reading lots of stories with numbers, and of course lots and lots of counting.


For Chinese New Year we may try some different foods, have a go at making a dragon and making it dance and look at some pictures about China and where it is, how is it the same and how is it different to Worthing.


For winter we will be talking about the weather, our environment, wildlife and the changes we have noticed.


What can you do at home?


Some ideas for activities to try with your child 

  • Look for numbers on your walk to nursery, on car number plates,the bus, road signs and houses
  • Count how many stairs you have, is it the same going up and down?
  • How many jumps can you do?
  • Ask your child to pass you '3 teddies' '2 books' '1 ball'
  • How many number 3s can they see on their trip to the supermarket?
  • How many lamp posts, lorrys, dogs have they seen on their way to school?
  • Board games, count the dots on the dice and count the spaces you move.(ask if you would like to borrow any games or puzzles from nursery) 
  • Sing number songs in the bath
  • Read stories with numbers at bedtime
  • Cut up a pizza/cake "We had 1 pizza, how many slices do we have now?"
  • How many cups do we need at dinner time? 
  • Hide numerals around the house, can children find them all? Can they bring them to you in the right order!
  • Can they help write you shopping list - I need 2 tins of beans, 4 toilet rolls, and then help you find the right quantity when you go.
  • How many fish fingers do you have in your plate? Are there more peas or more fish fingers? 

And lots and lots of counting!


Come and Play


This will take place on Monday February 4th, where you are invited to come along and take part in some of our number based activities with your child. Younger siblings are very welcome.