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Hawthorns Maths Award



We've introduced a new whole school 'Maths Award' to try and raise the level of mathematical fluency across the school (basic skills including counting up and down in certain numbers,  number bonds and times tables.)


Children are awarded certificates if they can achieve certain targets linked to the National Curriculum.


A picture of the targets is accompanying this message, so please help you children at home if you can. To achieve fluency, children should be able to answer questions in a maximum of only 3 seconds.


The children are awarded one certificate in assembly for each of the targets they achieve for each colour. When they complete all three in a colour band they get a pencil to take home and can move on to the next set of targets!


Please note that not all children will start on Red, they should be aiming for targets that they are not yet fluent in.


Thank you for your support,


Mr Bateman



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